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Real Racing 3 tips and mod

October 13 2015

Real Racing 3 tips and mod

Even more annoying is find out how this ruthless logic does not apply exclusively to the component to be "mechanical garage" of Real Racing 3 . Whether it's changing color of the car or you opt for a new braking system, a wing or a more evolved engine scream, it always ends up to find himself in front of the dichotomous question: credit card or a forced break and extended, appearing almost against the very nature of mobile gaming?

"Either you pay real money or waiting patiently for the mechanic to finish their work"
The smart player might think to get your hands on a second car, to be used alternatively with the first, would be the ideal solution to overcome the long dead times without dropping a dime. Theoretically correct but I have to remind you how your puny coins game will not be enough even to rent it for an afternoon? It then returns to the same place as before, grafting a vicious cycle that results in the above measure to annoy the player.

The title, for its part, does everything to remember that not only paying out a "minimum" amount of money you can turn a simple sports coupe into a rocket on four wheels, but also that among the 45 cars available there will definitely be some more indicated for the podium. Just for the record, to unlock all the content available, you have to drop a figure that nearly dangerously 100 € or make a pact with the devil for eternal life. It's your choice, provided that this amount is not required to complete the game.

The Firemonkeys sport graphics of Real Racing 3 in this launch trailer.
Archived disastrous brackets freemium, one of the novelties of this Real Racing 3 coincides with Real Time Multiplayer. The multiplayer classic is abandoned in favor of a mode spread over time, in which the opponents are not "riders in the flesh", but rather moved by CPU clones that drive by referring to the times of other players from around the planet. Basically it runs against the best times of other players, where the system also takes into account their performance and skills.

"Real Racing 3 coincides with Real Time Multiplayer"
The most interesting part is that these clones will get the result of its "original" only in the case of identical conditions of competition, a situation that occurs very rarely making it different every challenge. The result is somewhat surprising, and even silt significantly coefficient competitiveness of each multiplayer race, this solution begs all sorts of problems with latencies of various kinds.

With an approach to controls hugging perfection and configured in detail according to the most demanding tastes, Real Racing 3 hack APK is a candidate as the technologically most advanced entire App Store the Cupertino giant. Too bad that the technological plant represents the only focal point of the experience of the game, which can be tested initially at zero cost but even after 15 races places the player in front of a tedious choice. Pour EUR to accommodate the lethal logic of pay to win or wait for hours before re-ignite the asphalt. Or permanently delete the app and to hell with a freemium served up with nerve at regular intervals of five minutes.

Was sold to a handful of Euro as its predecessor (divorced from the dynamics freemium so stringent), we would probably be facing a title from 9 split. But for what it looks like, a more modest 7 it is the best finish possible.

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